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The Leftmost Planet
Type Planet
System/Zone CHZ
Biosphere Forest
Climate Temperate
Gravity 1.01 m/s2
Surface Area 199,718.78 km2
Claimable Territories 259,472
Satellite 2
Discovered by The Arkship Novark

Alioth is the landing place of the original Arkship, the Novark, and it is here that all new Dual Universe players will begin their journey. Alioth is a temperate planet containing several biomes, such as vast oceans, forests, mountain ranges, and icy polar caps, much like Earth. The planet has three moons, which are far more hostile environments, but also contain many valuable resources. Alioth has a day/night cycle of approximately 5 hours.

Alioth only holds the most common resources that are necessary for basic industry, and so players will have to venture to other planets, asteroids, and moons to acquire more exotic materials.

Alioth is a sphere so huge (65 Km radius [EDIT: Further calculations, including numbers listed ingame and on the wiki, all conclude the radius is closer too 126.067442268]) that for examples, it requires 5h to reach the center by mining, it requires 11-13h to run around it at the equator or it requires 19 years for a team of 1000 players working 8h each day to remove 1% of the planet [1]

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