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If you feel like a challenge why not try cargo lifting from 6 ground locations to a platform 1km in the air and be rewarded with 300,000 quanta. The challenges are available using a Surrogate Station, they can be found at all of the markets. Once you have activated the surrogate station choose the top tab called Challenges and the Air Delivery Challenge. You will be transported to a hangar on Sanctuary and be presented with a choice of seven ships ranging from light and fast to slow with storage.

  1. P16 Talon Mk2
  2. DC4 Rapier Hover
  3. Novark 2Seater Mk1 Sand
  4. LV02C Dragon Fly Mk2
  5. T1A Nomad Mk2
  6. CT200 A Freelancer
  7. Oxen Hauler
Seven ships.png

A player may switch between ships half way through the challenge, there is no time limit and if you just want experience flying ships that you didn't pay for, it is ideal. The player will need to get some scrap from a nearby dispenser before the hangar doors will open. If you choose to fly a ship without a storage container on board you will need to make multiple trips to the platform. For new players it is best to take the challenge during the day time. Once a player has reached the platform a board can be found half way along the platform that has info buttons that will create a waypoint destination marker for the next pickup location.

The challenge can be taken once per day, players cannot modify the ships and are free to fly at their leisure not attempting the challenge if so desired. The Novark 2Seater Mk1 Sand may be a good compromise first ship, it has one small container, is not too fast and has good lift with two wings. Some players like to speed run the challenge, there is timer as you leave the hangar, complete all of the deliveries and return to the hangar, a screen in the hangar will display your run time.