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Two dynamic constructs

In Dual Universe, a Construct is a set of Building Blocks assembled within a Building Zone. A Construct can be static (example: an Outpost) or mobile (example: a Ship). A construct is an arrangement of voxels and components which work together to form whatever the player wants to create. Dual Universe does not have specific guidelines that say "this is a ship", or "this is a building". Rather, a set of voxels which have a Core Unit, engine, and cockpit attached to them will have the ability to fly like a ship, and this is therefore considered to be a ship.

Core Unit

Every construct requires a Core Unit to operate. A Core Unit defines a construct; upon placing a core, a new construct is born and the player can build off of that to create the construct they desire, within the building zone of the Core Unit. There are varying sizes for each of the three core types:

Static Core Unit

Non-Mobile : This core unit is used on the surface of a planetary body or a moon for things such as an Outpost Base. Many Core units can be placed to create larger constructs, settlements and even cities. Constructs on static cores need to be blueprinted and dismantled to move them.

Dynamic Core Unit

This type of core unit is used for all mobile constructs, from all types of ships to follower bots, portable Vendor Booths. The possibilities are endless as your imagination. See section on Dynamic Constructs

With some limitations, a player has the ability to compact XS dynamic cores and pocket them as a data item in their inventory. See section on Compactification.

Space Core Unit

Non-Mobile : Just as a Static Core Unit is used on the surface of a planetary body, a Space Core Unit is used for static constructs in space such as a Space Station or Space Based Exo-Colony. Space cores have an artificial gravity on one side of the construct and if placed above Alioth it should be between 45 - 60 km if the player wishes to take advantage of space elevators.

Core Dimensions

Commonly called the build zone each core has a limited volume of voxel space within it.

Core Voxels Dimensions
XS 16m 63 x 63 x 63 15.75m x 15.75m x 15.75m
S 32m 127 x 127 x 127 31.75m x 31.75m x 31.75m
M 64m 255 x 255 x 255 63.75m x 63.75m x 63.75m
L 128m 511 x 511 x 511 127.75m x 127.75m x 127.75m

Construct Slots

Players are assigned construct slots for personal and organizational use, these slots are finite pools that limit the overall number of constructs a player can own or assign to an organization. Each player is assigned a base personal core slot limit of 10 and organizational slot limit of 10, these limits can be extended by training skills (talents). See page on Construct Slots for an indepth look at how this works.

Construct Loss

A construct can be lost if the player or organization that owns the construct does not have enough available construct slots. See the page on loss of constructs or land

A construct can also be lost through core destruction through PvP engagements. See page on Combat

In both the two types of loss the claiming owner will need to replace the destroyed core to claim the construct.