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Crafting in Dual Universe involves creating the materials and elements necessary for building constructs using raw resources. There are many different materials and alloys in the game, each with their own attributes and each requiring different amounts and types of resources to build. Some materials, like iron, require only iron ore to be crafted, while others, like steel, require both iron and coal. Crafting is performed in your Nanocrafter that is attached to your Nanopack.


Manufacturing utilizes specialized industry units deployed onto a static construct. Manufacturing allows the player to create production lines that continue to function even when the player has logged off.

Crafting Interface

The Nanocrafter interface is opened with the K key.

Here the player can;

  • A: Search for a specific schematic that they wish to craft from
  • B: Filter the search to Nanocrafter only schematics. With this unselected the player will view every schematic within the game, this is a useful tool if you wish to find the components of any specific schematic. Additionally, filter to show only doable schematics based on items in your active container.
  • C: Select the schematic you wish to create in the Nanocrafter.
  • D: View which container your Nanocrafter should look for the ingredients, your linked container or your Nanopack. You can switch between the two by selecting Ctl-I. The yellow highlight indicates your active container
  • E: The Nanocrafter will show the schematic with the necessary components, the volume in your active container (Nanopack or linked) on the left and how many needed to create the item on the right. In the diagram below the player is missing Basic Reinforced frame S. The player can from this interface, drill into the missing component which will open the components schematic to see if there are the required materials to make that component.
  • After dependencies are met the player can select Add To Queue to begin the craft.
  • F: This interface also shows the industry unit that is required to build this unit if you were not using your Nanocrafter
  • G: There is an indication of how many finished items are already in your active container


There are three main limitations to crafting using your Nanocrafter

  1. Only a selection of basic items are included in the 210 schematics that are available to your Nanopack
  2. Players can only craft one item at a time
  3. The players crafting queue stops when they exit the game

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