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Static and Dynamic Core Units are extremely important elements

An Element is a type of item, such as a control unit or engine, that is used to build constructs. Elements are different from voxels in that each has a predefined shape, size, and function. For example, a space ship cannot fly without (among other things) engine elements to provide thrust, a fuel tank element to hold fuel for the engines, and a control unit element from which to steer the ship. Everything on a construct that is not made of honeycomb material is an element.

Types of Elements

Elements are mostly player crafted, via nanocrafter or Assembly unit, and traded. Unlike parts, materials or consumables, they have a 3d model and can be placed in the game world. While all elements have their functions predetermined by the developers, players can manipulate those functions by connecting different elements to each other, or by writing Lua scripts that modify their behaviour.

Each element has a type, size and rarity.


A somewhat arbitrary measure of how big an element is. It should only be used to compare different versions of the same item, like an adjustor S against an adjustor M. Depending on the item you can see a pattern of power increase (a bigger engine is 6x stronger than the counterpart, a wing is 4x stronger etc, a bigger core has 2x the side length). It often but not necessarily corelates to the assembler it was made in, eg rocket engines are made in the assembler of the one smaller size, rocket fuel tanks in the assembler of one bigger size.


A quick indicator of the rarity of ores and assembler that are required to craft the item. A t3 (advanced) item will usually need t1-3 ores and require an uncommon (t2) assembler. There are some exceptions in the game which can be considered bugs or leftovers from patches.


Types are just categories for sorting, a wing is a piloting element, a container is an industry element etc. This is only interesting for sorting in the market interface and for industry talents that affect certain elements, like advanced systems manufacturing.[1][2]

List of Elements

Combat and defence

These elements are related to combat, like radars, weapons or shields.

Furniture and Appliances

From toilets to logic gates, this category is the most varied and includes all passive elements most elements the player can directly interact with, and everything that did not fit any other category.

Industry and Infrastructure

All machines to make things and all types of containers

Planet elements

Territory units and all cores


Includes all control units, territory and asteroid scanners, resurrection nodes and VR equipment

Transportation elements

Includes all elements that are specifically made for dynamic cores and did not fit a category above. Wings, engines and so on, but also the warp beacon.