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Static and Dynamic Core Units are extremely important elements

An Element is a type of item, such as a control unit, engine, or specific player-built object that is used to build constructs. Elements are different from voxels in that each has a predefined shape, size, and function. For example, a space ship cannot fly without (among other things) engine elements to provide thrust, a fuel tank element to hold fuel for the engines, and a control unit element from which to steer the ship. Player-made voxel elements can also be used to expedite the creation of constructs.

Types of Elements[edit | edit source]

There are many types of elements in Dual Universe, and each has its own purpose. In general, elements fall into two basic categories: Voxel and Mesh. Voxel elements are objects that are manually created by players with no mechanical function, but that can be re-used in later constructions. For a better explanation of voxel elements, see the builder's guide. Mesh elements are objects created by Novaquark, and each has it's own designated function, such as an engine or market unit.

Furthermore, elements are either Passive or Active. Passive Elements are decorations or cosmetic features that are placed during construction, but they cannot be interacted with later. For example, static hologram displays or ship decals are both passive elements. Active Elements are elements that cannot function without player interaction, such as market units, which sell items and resources, and industrial units, which produce constructs. While some mesh elements are passive and some are active, voxel elements can only be passive. Players cannot design their own active elements at this time, and such a feature is not planned for some time given the significant development costs involved.

All elements can be crafted by players, or bought and sold through a market unit. Currently, all mesh elements are designed by Novaquark and made available for the players to craft in game. In order to craft an element the player needs to gather the materials and/or resources necessary for its construction. They can then craft the desired element with the in-game crafting system, or an Assembly unit.[1]

There are many mesh elements in game already, and each has its own predefined function and purpose. Some have distinct types and levels, each with unique statistics and functions, and many will require certain skills to operate.[2] While all mesh elements have their functions predetermined by the developers, players can manipulate those functions by connecting different elements to each other, or by writing Lua scripts that modify their behavior.[1][2]

List of Elements (known and in debate for implementation)[edit | edit source]

Element Categories Element Names Quick Description Potential Release
Control Units Cockpit[3] Control system for small ships. Will eventually feature customizable displays Alpha
Control Board[4] Control system for larger constructs and elements that will eventually feature customizable displays Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Emergency Control Units[3][4] A control unit that safely lands ships automatically Alpha
Remote Control Element[4] Allow the player to remotely control a construct Alpha
Screen Units[5] Can display text, HTML, and SVG content in the game world similar to a billboard. Is programmable with Lua scripting. Alpha
Decoration Units[6][4] Bed[7] Nice to rest here after a long day digging Alpha
Carpet[7] To warm a bit this cold concrete Alpha
Floor Tiles[8] For decorating internal floor spaces Alpha
Glass[7] Windows to see rays of light in the darkness Alpha
Holograms[4] Decorative display element with no functional purpose Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Navigation Chair[6] Decorative furnature Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Night stand[4] Decorative furniture Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Paintings[3] Decorative paintings to hang on walls Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Plants[6] Decorative element for bringing some color to your otherwise lifeless environment Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Shelves[7] Decorative furniture Alpha
Sofa For those times when you just need to relax and eat an entire tub of ice cream by yourself Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Table[7] Decorative elements Alpha
Trash Can[6] For that mix tape you've been working on Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Wall Covering[9] "Futuristic" wall panels that look cool but have no gameplay function Alpha
Wings[10] Decorative wings to add to ships Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Detector Units[11][12] Radar Unit[13] To detect constructs at long range Rumored
Scanner To scan structures or planets for elements or players Rumored
Telemeter[14] To measure distances Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Territory Scanner Scans a territory tile for mineable ores. Beta
Engine Units Adjusters[15] Apply limited directional thrust to increase turning rate and maneuverability Alpha
Atmospheric Engines  Generates thrust in atmosphere Alpha
Faster-Than-Light Engines Faster Than Light (FTL) engines allow constructs to travel at supra-light speeds Confirmed - Post-Release Expansion
Hover engines[16] Allows constructs to hover in planetary atmospheres Alpha
Retro-engines[6] Generates limited directional thrust in space to stabilize and brake constructs Alpha
Space engines[11] Generates thrust in space Alpha
Vertical Booster[11] Generates vertical thrust in atmosphere Alpha
Rocket Booster[17][18] Should be used to help ships to leave the atmosphere of a planet (to be confirmed) Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Industrial Units 3D printer[19] Uses Materials and Alloys to produce parts and gear Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Assembly Unit[20] Produces elements using partsmaterials, and/or resources Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Chemical Industry Produces polymers, fuels, and catalysts Beta
Electronics Industry Crafts electronic parts Beta
Foundry Uses resources to make Alloys Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Factory Unit[4] Used to mass produce constructs using elements, materials, parts and resources Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Glass Furnace Produces glass and products made primarily of glass Beta
Honeycomb Refinery Produces honeycomb materials used for voxel building Beta
Metalwork Industry Produces metallic parts such as screws and frames Beta
Recycler Produces scrap materials Beta
Market Units
Market Unit Elements that allow players to buy and sell items to other players Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Mechanism Units Door[11] To get to the snowman, you first need to pass the door... Alpha
Elevator[21] For elevating your Dual Universe experience Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Force Field Wall[11] A wall of energy that restricts player movement Alpha
Head Light[5] A powerful directed light that can illuminate a large area Alpha
Lamp[6] An internal or external light source which can be turned on and off Alpha
Landing Gear[3] aka. Anchor units, can retract and move, allowing ships to land on worlds or dock with other constructs Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Medicine Rumored
Power Units Batteries[22] Elements and ammo that store energy and are used to power personal equipment, such as scanners and weapons Confirmed - Post Release Expansion
Converters  Converts various types of energy into electricity, such as fuel or heat Rumored
Electrical Pipes[23] Connects power sources to elements Rumored
Reactors Produces energy that can be used to power constructs Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Basic Logical Units Counter[5] Alternate its multiple outputs when receiving a signal Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Delayline[5] Delay a signal by 3s Alpha
Logic gates[6] aka. operators, perform operations (AND, OR, NOT) based on the state of their inputs Alpha
Pulsers [12][6] Capable of pulsing a signal by switching on and off at a certain frequency Alpha
Relay[5] Relay one input signal on many output Alpha
Sensor Units Detection zone[11] Detects players in a spherical radius around itself Confirmed
Laser Detector[11] Can detect players (or objects) that pass through it Alpha
Light Detector[12] Can react to the level of light it is exposed to Confirmed - Potentially in Release
Manual Button[12] A button which can be activated by a player Alpha
Manual Switch[11] A switch which can be activated/deactivated by a player Alpha
Pressure Plate[6] A sensor used to detect something passing on to it Alpha
Radars[5] Detects ships and/or players around itself Confirmed
Storage Units Fuel Tanks[3] Stores a certain volume of fuel Alpha
Ammo Container Stores a certain volume of Ammunition - Used in conjunction with Weapons and Gunner Seat Confirmed
Liquid Container[24] Stores a certain volume of liquid Rumored
Personal Container[25] A container which only the player can access. Alpha
Solid Container[26] Stores a certain quantity of materials or resources Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Weapon Units Laser Cannon A laser weapon that can be mounted on constructs Confirmed - Potentially in Beta
Missile Turret A turret that can be mounted on constructs Confirmed - Potentially in Beta
Miscellaneous Antigravity Unit[27][28][18] Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Cloaking device Makes the construct invisible Confirmed - Post-Release Expansion
Communication Units [29] Used to transfer information between elements without direct connection Alpha
Core Units An element that defines ownership and administration for a construct, and generates the build zone. Alpha
Gyroscope[15] Notifies the automatic configuration system where the front and the back of a ship is Alpha
Liquid Pipes Used to transfer liquid between elements Rumored
Repair Unit Used to repair a construct. Requires resources and energy Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Resurrection Nodes[30] Allows players to respawn in a specific location Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Stargates Instantly transports players and constructs across interstellar distances Confirmed - Post-Release Expansion
Gunner Seat Used to target other constructs in conjunction with other elements such as weapons Confirmed
Territory Control Units[6] Physical asset through which a player or organization can claim ownership of a territory tile Confirmed - Potentially in Alpha
Virtual Scaffolding Projector Projects a hologram of a .obj file that can be used to assist in building.
Radar Allows ships to see far away constructs and identify them.

Key:[edit | edit source]

Alpha: This element is currently playable and will be in the Alpha

Beta: This element is currently playable in the Beta

Confirmed: An element or feature that will be in the game, but that is not yet playable

  • Potentially in Alpha: The development of this element is underway, and it is expected to be playable in the Alpha
  • Potentially in Beta: The development of this element is underway, and it is expected to be playable in the Beta
  • Post-Release Expansion: This element will be added to the game at some point, but that is not expected to occur until some time after release

Rumored: The developers have mentioned the possibility of adding this type of element to the game, but they have not yet committed to doing so

Disclaimer:[edit | edit source]

Readers should be aware that some confirmed elements and their related content, specifically FLT drives and Stargates, may be intentionally delayed by the developers for gameplay reasons. This delay will likely be years in some cases (most notably Stargates), though no specific timelines are known as this time.

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