Dual Universe Wiki

Equipment and resources are granted to a player when they first start Dual Universe, there are no additional tools to find or purchase. All tools are located in the players Nanopack, they do not wear out, cannot be lost, broken or deleted. There are two modes for tools, the default exploration mode and the build mode. Relevant tools are only visible that correspond to the particular mode the player is in i.e. Build tools are only visible in build mode.

Many global resources are also available to players such as Maps, Market interfaces, Rights and Duties Management System and in-game documentation called the Codex

Equipment and Resources

The following standard equipment and resources are available to all players

  • Jetpack[1] : personal jetpack to assist during the building process in order to reach all areas of a construct, Always present and equipped, activates proper environments and can be toggled.
  • Nanoformer[2] : The handheld device that operates tools.
  • Nanopack[3]  : a personal inventory where the players default Tools as well as EquipmentMaterials and Elements can be stored.
  • Nanocrafter: a mini industry unit built into the players Nanopack that can make some essential low tier industry items.
  • Exploration Tools: Scanning, Mining, Refueling and Repairing
  • Building Tools: Building constructs, voxel manipulation

Resource Tools