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Equipment in Dual Universe is any Item that can be worn or used by a player character. Different types of equipment are inserted into predefined slots available on the Character Sheet. Some slots are reserved for specific types of Equipment (example: an "armor type" Equipment can only be plugged in an armor slot). Other slots, such as those on the character belt, can host various types of equipment, which can be customized to fit the player's individual needs.

Equipment Types[edit | edit source]

- Personal Weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, and so on that can be used for character v character combat

- Jetpack[1], personal jetpack helping during building process in order to reach all areas of a construct

- Nanoformer[2], essential equipment that cannot be lost or destroyed, part of the game's user interface

- Nanopack[3] , like a personal backbag where the player can store EquipmentMaterials and Elements

- Infantry Armor (not to be confused with construct armor) that increases a character's survivability in combat

- Scanners, for locating veins of ore and other resources

- Repair tools, for repairing constructs

Note: This list is a work in progress. Many more items will be added and improved upon as we learn more about the game.

Equipment[edit | edit source]