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Equipment in Dual Universe is any Item that can be used by a player character. Different types of tools can be equipped to the "Toolbar" slots. Certain "Tools" are only used in specific "modes" such as building these specific "modes" will enable a toolbar specific to that mode. Currently there are only two modal toolbars in Dual Universe. The Standard Toolbar and the Building Toolbar. The Standard toolbar is made to house quick slot tools for in game uses such as Repair, Refuel, Maneuvering, Scanning, etc. The building toolbar is meant to house quick slot building mode tools such as place voxel, place element, smooth voxel, etc. These toolbars will only allow tools of the proper type to be equipped to their slots.

Common Equipment Types[edit | edit source]

Standard Equipment - Player Tools[edit | edit source]
  • Jetpack[1] : personal jetpack helping during building process in order to reach all areas of a construct, Always present and equipped, activates in proper environments and can be toggled.
  • Nanoformer[2] : essential equipment that cannot be lost or destroyed, part of the game's user interface
  • Nanopack[3]  : a personal inventory where the players default Tools as well as EquipmentMaterials and Elements can be stored.
  • Two Scanners tools : for locating veins of ore and other resources one short range / one long range
  • Harvest Tool : For the harvesting of surface resources
  • Mining Tool : for the mining of resources
  • Terraforming tool : for the altering and Flattening of terrain
  • "World" Smooth Tool : For the smoothing of world terrain voxels
  • Repair tools : for repairing constructs
  • Refuel Tool : For refueling constructs
  • Deploy Construct tool : for deploying a construct from a Blueprint Copy
  • Deploy Ground Element Tool : for the deployment of Core Units when initially building a construct and Territory Units for the claiming ownership of territories
  • Maneuver Tool : for the localized movement of a dynamic construct LIMITATIONS: A ship will not be able to move more than 50m in total between accumulated uses of the tool. (The distance between the start and end points is added at each run of the tool. The moved distance is reset after three minutes to ensure that players aren’t stuck forever. It is, of course, a per-construct limitation. Unless the player was in contact with a planet ground or a static/space construct, a ship will no longer freeze in the air during the use of the Maneuver Tool. This will make it possible to lift it up to work under it, but no higher than that.

Note: This list is a work in progress. Many more items will be added and improved upon as we learn more about the game.

Equipment[edit | edit source]