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The game world in Dual Universe consists of many procedurally generated planets, moons and asteroids, all of which are composed of voxels and have their own set of resources which can be mined by players. These all are contained within a single vast star system - The Helios System. There are additional systems intended to be added in the future, but as of this writing it is only the Helios System.

The distance between a planet and it's moon(s) is relatively small and can be travelled in minutes. The distance between two planets may be much, much larger, taking between one and five hours at maximum speed. A warp-drive is often used to quickly and safely move from one planet to another, this however needs warp-cells. With heavy cargo, the amount of cells needed is so high, that players often decide to move without the warp-drive, this is often referred to as "slow boating".

In between these worlds is open space. Noteworthy here are the asteroids, which can be found via the DSAT, and the direct connections between planets. While those direct connections are not an actual path, they are the space in space that is most travelled. Players refer to these shortest connections as "the pipe".

To help players, the player can enable (called by pressing V) which gives information about the player environment (alt+V to set which marks are shown, to toggle name tags on Marks select the comma , key), and set destinations or even lock on to befriended players.

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