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Trade is a core mechanic in Dual Universe. Players trade with each other or buy and sell to and from market bots. Currently market bots operate to buy T1 buy ores and sell schematics and other items like basic engines and fuel. Eventually, the aim is to remove all bots from the market and allow for the players to run the market fully, allowing for a true simulation of economies.


Every planet in Dual Universe has multiple Market locations on it. Currently, these Markets are the only place to find market units. Market units and the remote market interface available via "J" allow the players to looks for specific items, compare prices at different locations and buy and sell items. Unlike the remote market interface, market units allow to actually transfer bought items to the player’s container and vice versa.

Currently, Alioth and Sanctuary have 20 Markets, while every other planet has 6. The moons only have 2 markets, located on their north and south pole.

Athena update introduced a market in the centre of the safe zone called Aegis where there are no market bots for buy orders. The market has a warp beacon found in Map [M/F2] > Warp Beacons > Aegis Market. There is a 50 km build restriction bubble around the market where players cannot place a space core.

Orders can be placed and updated remotely but the physical transfer of the items requires the player to be at the market where the item is located. Orders have a 5min cooldown timer before they can be updated again.



Placing sell orders incurs three types of taxes, a flat 10h operating tax per order placed, a 1% value tax and a 0.02hL/day storage tax. Each time a player modifies a sell order the operating tax is incurred again. If a player increases the price of the sell order the value tax is applied on the difference. Decreasing the price of a sell order does not reimburse players with any tax.

Placing a buy order will keep the total value of the order in escrow. A buy order will incur a 1% value tax and 10h operating tax on placement. Similar to sell orders, increasing the buy order price will incur a value tax on the increased price.

Buying from a sell order incurs a 10h operating tax and a 1% value tax.

Taxes are paid when orders are placed not when the items are sold and taxes are not reimbursed if the orders are not fulfilled. Tax rates are uniform across all markets.

Market bot buy orders for T1 ores are replenished and reseeded during weekly scheduled maintenance downtime. Market bot buy orders are easily recognizable by the quantity of items available, usually just over the 2,000,000 mark.

Player Markets


Many players and organisations have set up their own markets. These are in no way connected to the normal market system and can not be browsed via the remote market interface. As such, they are usually known due to word of mouth only. Such market usually consist of large number of dispensers and signs etc to have them organized and the prices displayed. While they usually have VR pods set up to let people browse and check prices and availability, do not purchase items through VR unless you have a local linked container, all items purchased in VR will be deleted at the end of the VR session. See page on Dispensers.

Barter System

The barter system allows players to exchange items for quanta, direct items for items exchange or a combination of both. See the page on the Barter System.