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Dual Universe features a player driven market economy. Currently market bots operate to buy T1 buy ores and sell schematics. Eventually, the aim is to remove all bots from the market and allow for the players to run the market fully, allowing for a true simulation of economies.


Every planet in Dual Universe has multiple Market locations on it, and are the location where goods like ammunition, fuel, building material and schematics are sold. Currently, these Markets are the only place to find market units, and therefore buy and sell items.

Currently, Alioth and Sanctuary have 20 Markets, while every other planet has 6. The moons found orbiting planets only have 2 markets, located on it's north and south poles.

Player Sell Markets[]

While player run market units are not currently available there is the ability to run sell only markets with the use of dispensers. Various well known player markets are available in game that can be visited via VR to compare prices. Do not purchase items through VR unless you have a local linked container, all items purchased in VR will be deleted at the end of the VR session. See page on Dispensers.

Nanoformer market[]

The Nanoformer market provides the player pricing and availability information for different products, that are advertised by various market units throughout the system. It functions like a commodities market, in that the buyer or seller can place "orders" for specific items. It can be opened in the menu or by pressing [J].

The Nanoformer market also has the ability to instantaneously buy items from any market location, but you will need to travel to the correct market unit to receive the item.

Barter System[]

The barter system allows players to exchange items for quanta, direct items for items exchange or a combination of both. See the page on the Barter System.