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Industrial Units are elements that can be used by players to manufacture and mass produce alloys, items, elements, and constructs. There are several different types of industrial units: The Foundry Unit, the Mechanical Press, the 3D Printer, the Assembly Unit, and the Factory Unit; and each plays a role in the production process.[1]

Foundry Unit[edit | edit source]

A foundry unit is a special element that allows players to create alloys out of basic resources. While some alloys can be crafted by players using their character's built-in crafting ability, more advanced alloys will require a foundry to create, and making alloys via a foundry will be faster and more efficient than with the suit crafting system.

Metalwork M[edit | edit source]

The Mechanical Press is used to turn certain resources into materials that can be used in other crafting recipes, much like foundry units. However, it is not yet clear how the mechanical press differs from the foundry unit.

3D Printer[edit | edit source]

See Main Article: 3D Printer

The 3D Printer is used to turn materials and alloys into parts and gear. Parts are used by assembly units to make elements and items, while gear is used directly by players.

Assembly Unit[edit | edit source]

The assembly unit is used to turn materials and parts into finished items, such as weapons and scanners. As with foundry units, some of these crafting capabilities can be conducted by the player, but using an assembly unit is both faster and more efficient.

Factory Unit[edit | edit source]

Factory units are not currently in the game as of 11/25/2020. The information below is kept here for historical reasons. To build from a blueprint, you need a linked container or just the items in your inventory.

Factory units are used to build copies of completed constructs using blueprints. Players can insert a blueprint and the appropriate amount of resources, materials, and/or elements, into a factory to replicate the construct or element on the blueprint.[2] Factories can be use to produce everything from individual voxel elements (see the builder's guide) to complete, functional space ships. Using a factory to produce a finished construct will be much faster and easier than manually assembling duplicate constructs by hand.

Mass Production[edit | edit source]

All industrial unit types can be attached to storage units containing large quantities of materials, resources, and elements, and can then be ordered to produce multiple copies of certain objects, and will continue to operate even when the player is offline.

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