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Industry is a general term that refers to the process of turning raw ore into a finished product. Every element or construct within Dual Universe starts as raw ore that is refined, manufactured into product and parts, assembled into elements and then either sold on the market or become part of a player's construct. Industry is an important part of the economy in Dual Universe.

When you start out as a new player you are provide with a Nanocrafter backpack that can make more than 200 basic items, The process of creating items in your Nanocrafter is referred to as crafting. While crafting may suffice for an initial period, to create items beyond basic elements a player will need to start production lines with industry units, this is called manufacturing.

The player may decide to purchase their items directly from the market and not be involved in manufacturing at all, industry is not mandatory. But since you’re here and want to know about industry lets start with the basics which apply to crafting and manufacturing.

Ore is mined and refined into pure ores, multiple pure ores are smelted into product, multiple types of product are turned into parts and in turn a combination of different parts are assembled into an element.

There are 2652 items that can be made in industry following the same basic process. Crafting can only create one item at a time, while with manufacturing there is no limit to the number of items you can produce concurrently.

Each item (Materials, Parts and Elements) has an associated schematic, this data item defines the ingredients needed to create the desired outcome. In crafting your Nanocrafter comes with 210 basic schematics on board, but with manufacturing you will need to purchase an individual schematic for every item you wish to install in an industry unit.

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