The jetpack is an ever present, essential part of the players equipment. Attached to the base of the backpack. it is powered by an unknown quantum power source that does not need fuel, the jetpack cannot be damaged nor destroyed.

The jetpack works in all environments, space, atmosphere and below ground. To activate the jetpack press W twice in quick succession or Ctl+z to toggle the jetpack on. While not in build mode the jetpack is affected by the gravity of the planetary body the player is on. The jetpack has a top speed of 54 km/h with no talents, with maximum talents 84 km/h. When in build mode the jetpack is not affected by gravity and can be maneuvered along all planes using standard ship control direction keys. When in build mode speed is limited to 7 km/h on the horizontal plane(and 36 km/h when holding shift key) and 27 km/h on the vertical but cannot extend far beyond the build zone of the construct.

Jetpacks operate in space for EVA and travel at ship speed but once outside of the build zone will loose connection to ship and float free. Jetpacks in space can travel at maximum speed of 29999 and also have enough thrust to leave the low gravity of asteroids. If a player logs out while travelling in space the jetpack will stop instantly and when the player next logs in will be stationary.

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