Dual Universe Wiki

There are five light types with four sizes to each light. Lights can be manually configured to any RGB colour , be toggled to blink with a configurable blink rate via RMB.


Lights can be linked to detection zones and control units, and can be configured by Lua. Light configuration attributes are kept in the constructs core so are transferable when deploying blueprints.

Light Types
Icon Type Size
Headlight.png Headlight Small
Lightquadlarge.png Long Large
Lightquadlarge.png Long Medium
Lightquadlarge.png Long Small
Lightquadxsmall.png Long Extra Small
Lightsquarexsmall.png Square Large
Lightsquarexsmall.png Square Medium
Lightsquarexsmall.png Square Small
Lightsquarexsmall.png Square Extra Small
Lightverticalxsmall.png Vertical Large
Lightverticalxsmall.png Vertical Medium
Lightverticalxsmall.png Vertical Small
Lightverticalxsmall.png Vertical Extra Small