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When a massive cosmic event in the Pegasus constellation caught the attention of the scientific community, the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope was pointed towards those distant stars. It revealed something that would change the course of human history for ever. HR 8210 IK Pegasi, a type II supernova, had exploded, and from that cataclysm a neutron star had been launched into space at incredible speed, heading on a devastating collision course with our frail solar system.

Whether it hit Earth or not didn't matter; its gravitational force alone would be enough to tear the planets from their orbits.

Scientists calculated that this apocalypse event, nicknamed SKiD, would arrive around the year 2525; that gave humanity 500 years. 500 years to develop the technology to leave the earth behind, and forge a new life among the stars.

The "Rebirth Program" was launched by the newly created United Mankind Federation (placeholder), and for hundreds of years humanity struggled amidst wars and conflict until finally, with the eve of the apocalypse looming, the Arkships were completed, and the lucky few destined for a new life were placed into cryo-sleep for the long journey ahead.

You are one of these few, tasked with the survival of the human race. There is no time to think on all the dead you have left behind, of all the years and memories you have lost in 10,000 years of cryo-sleep. For now, all mysteries of the old world must be put aside as you fight for survival on your new home of Alioth.


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  • 2027: Discovery of the doomsday Neutron Star that is heading towards the Earth. Collision will happen in 498 years.
  • 2049: Creation of the United Mankind Federation (UMF), a transnational institution in charge of coordinating humanity’s efforts and response to the SKiD;
the “Rebirth Program” is launched to analyze possible responses and escape strategies.
  • 2084: New discoveries about the extent of the danger to Earth encourage legislation requiring nation states to contribute at least 20% of their resources to the Rebirth Program.
  • 2200: A major summit of the UMF signals the alarming lack of progress on project Rebirth.
  • 2400: Major progress has been made in the technologies needed to build the Arkships. Some are scheduled to be built within the next decade.
  • 2440: Several key technologies are unlocked: cryosleep modules, nanoforming technology, nanopacks, Resurrection Nodes.
  • 2450: The Arkship technology is now mastered. Mass production begins. The race is on to produce as many as possible.
  • 2500: Riots break out all around the world over the selection process that dictates who gets to board the Arkships. Massive euthanasia programs were organized for those who had to stay.
  • 2510-2536: The first Arkships leave Earth, with each Arkship heading towards a particular part of the galaxy. One of them, the Novark, is heading towards the Scutum-Centaurus arm.
  • 2538: The neutron star annihilates the solar system.
  • 12477: The Novark arrives on Alioth.


(All lore from this section refers to the old-world of Earth and may not be applicable, or reflected, in the present-day game-environment on Alioth. Furthermore many of these names are placeholders only.)


There were four general factions on Earth:

  1. The Luminous
  2. The Alphas
  3. The Ethereans
  4. The Emporium

Each approached life, and the key to fulfilling it, differently. Each also approached the Rebirth Program differently, which led to much political turmoil.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence was a contentious issue amongst the inhabitants of Earth during the 22nd century, for despite its many benefits to society and the economy there were fears over the trustworthiness of these programs. The debate culminated in the total removal of sentient AI in society, until, as a necessary exception, sentient AI were installed in the arkships, like the Novark's Aphelia.