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What is Mining?

Mining is the process of extracting resources from a planetary body, whether it be a planet, moon, or asteroid. Virtually all resources in Dual Universe are obtained through mining. All minable resources are found using either the scanning tool, territory scanner or Deep Space Asteroid Tracker (DSAT). The nanoformer (mining tool and harvesting tool) or mining units are then used to extract those resources. Every character posses the nanoformer, hand scanner and a small mining unit by default. Mining is intended to come after scanning once a desired resource is located. The amount of time it takes to mine a specific volume depends the type of resource and the mining skill level of the player. Technically, every voxel in the game can be considered a material, so mining even the basic rock of an asteroid is still considered mining, and follows the same parameters and rules as every resource.

Previous to the Demeter update in November 2021 ores were found underground on planets and moons. The reasons for the planet refresh and moving to mining units for underground ore can be found in the following Dev Blog. The Future of Dual Universe Pt 3


Harvesting ground ore is available to all players on their own tiles, tiles that are not claimed and on tiles where the player has been given the required permissions. Harvesting ground ore involves selecting the harvesting tool, at which point the surface ore will glow different colours based on ore type, then pointing at ground ore and holding LMB until the ore has been harvested. Selecting the MMB will turn on auto mining feature. The ore will appear in your nanopack or linked container.

Asteroid Mining

Asteroid mining is available using the handheld mining tool. A player will need to locate an asteroid using a DSAT, arrive at the asteroid, use the handheld direction finder, dig to the location and then use the mining tool to extract the ore. There are many publicly available DSATs a player can visit via VR to learn location of asteroids that have been discovered, or a player can purchase a DSAT themselves. See Asteroid Mining and Detection page.

Mining Units

Mining ore under the surface of planets and moons requires mining units corresponding to the tier of ore the player wishes to mine. See the section on Mining Units.

Mining Tutorials

Official Basic Mining Tutorial / Guide Video

Please note, the following walkthrough is meant to be used as guide explaining the individual steps of the tutorial available in game, which can be found as follows:

To get started, You would be able to find the Mining Institute located @ ::pos{0,2,29.0607,95.1856,291.9155} Alternately - all you have to do is to find a VR tutorial station at any of the Markets or districts, on any of the planets / moons. Once there, interacting with the VR station or  floor pad will provide the option to select all available tutorials including the Mining tutorial.

In-Game Institute / Surrogate VR Tutorials: M1 - Surface Harvesting Tutorial Walk Through


You will find the Mining Tutorial Building located @ ::pos{0,2,29.0607,95.1856,291.9155}

As you enter the building you will see in front of you the Mining Exhibition Area

Proceed Forward into the area if you would like some basic information on the materials you will find in Dual Universe and the Tiers they are categorized into.

All ore and refined materials in Dual Universe are categorized into "Tiers" -  Tier 1- Tier 5

Ore Tier Ore Type Refined Pure Ore Density (kg/L)


Bauxite Aluminum 1.28
Coal Carbon 1.35
Hematite Iron 5.04
Quartz Silicon 2.65


Limestone Calcium 2.71
Chromite Chromium 4.54
Malachite Copper 4.00
Natron Sodium 1.55


Garnierite Nickel 2.6
Petalite Lithium 2.41
Pyrite Sulfur 5.01
Acanthite Silver 7.2


Cryolite Fluorine 2.95
Cobaltite Cobalt 6.33
Gold Nuggets Gold 19.3
Kolbeckite Scandium 2.37


Columbite Niobium 5.38
Rhondite Manganese 3.76
Illmenite Titanium 4.55
Vanadinite Vanadium 6.95

As you can see on the floor there is a Golden Path laid out on the floor that will lead you to the Tutorial Area where you will access the mining tutorial itself via a VR Pod.

You want to follow the path to the Mining Tutorial Area

You want to follow the directions to the Mining Tutorial itself.

Let's Start with Surface Harvesting

For the Surface Gathering Tutorial:

⦁ Take the MI elevators to the Surface Harvesting Tutorial Area

⦁ Locate an empty Tutorial VR Pod

⦁ Activate the Surface Harvesting Tutorial Pod by raycasting (looking at) the pad itself and using the "f" key

⦁ Upon Activation of the Tutorial Pad you will see the notification screen informing you of the rewards to be expected and the button for confirmation of the start of the tutorial.

⦁ Once Loaded in you will find yourself in a room being guided by Aphelia to follow the green path to begin

⦁ Reaching the end of the path brings you to a display of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ores. These displays show the ores as how they appear in the world,  also that the harvestable surface rocks of these ores vary in appearance to the ore itself. Aphelia explains some basics of the ores and the Tier system by which they are categorized.

⦁ Aphelia, at this point sets a waypoint for you, located outside of the building, you are to reach to continue the tutorial.

⦁ Follow the white lined path across the platform and down the ramp, proceed to the waypoint indicated in your UI

⦁ Upon arriving at the waypoint Aphelia will continue the tutorial by indicating for you to equip your surface harvesting tool - Usually located in the Number 1 location of your toolbar, as highlighted at this step by Aphelia with a green box in your UI

⦁ Once the surface harvesting tool is equipped Aphelia instructs you to harvest some Tier 1 resources and places objective reminders in the upper left hand of the screen corresponding to these goals.

⦁ Harvestable Surface Materials can be Identified by hovering the reticle (mouse pointer) over them with the harvesting tool equipped.

⦁ Proceed to harvest the Required Tier 1 materials as indicated in the Objective Reminders  

⦁ Harvest the materials by raycasting (looking at) the surface rock and clicking and holding the LMB (left mouse button) until the harvesting mechanic has completed. This is indicated by the growing diamond in the reticle that disappears upon collection of the surface material targeted.

⦁ You will also receive a notification informing you of the both the type and amount of material that has been harvested

⦁ You are then instructed to collect enough Hematite (Iron Ore) to process a batch of Pure Iron - Iron is the purified form of hematite ore. All ore can be processed into pure materials, though higher tier materials will require coinciding talents and industry to achieve this goal.

⦁ Once the proper amount of Hematite Ore is collected, Aphelia instructs you to open your Nano-Crafter by hitting the "K" key

⦁ Aphelia then instructs you to filter the NanoCrafter listing by selecting the "Show only Doable" box indicated by the highlighted green box. This selection will show only the crafting schematics you currently have the materials to complete in your active container

⦁ Aphelia instructs you to select the PURE IRON schematic, and  also informs you at this time that there are talents that can reduce the amount of base materials such as ore it takes to craft a batch of pure material.

⦁ You are then instructed to start the batch by hitting the "Add to Batch" button highlighted in the green marker box

⦁ Once the crafting process has started you are informed that you may close the crafting window via the "X" highlighted in the green marker box located in the upper left corner of the crafting window.

⦁ Aphelia then places a waypoint in your UI and indicates for you to proceed back to the platform you came from.

⦁ Upon Arriving back at the starter location you are instructed to place your completed batch of IRON PURE into the highlighted container, this is done by raycasting (looking at) the element and hitting the "F" key. This is how you will interact with most elements in Dual Universe.

⦁ This will open an inventory interface showing your active inventory in the left window and the inventory of the container unit in the right

⦁ By selecting the item with the LMB Items may simply be drag-and-dropped to the desired location in the target container (click the left mouse button and hold it down while the item is selected to drag, release to drop)

⦁ Once the item is transferred to the target container you can close the window via the "x" highlighted by the green marker box located in the upper right corner or hit the "esc" key

⦁ At this point you have completed the mining tutorial

⦁ Aphelia informs you of the Sanctuary Moon and its protections,  and reminds you to claim a tile there as a good way to start earning Quanta by Surface Harvesting there. Once again you are told of the shuttle service that can take you between Alioth and the Sanctuary Moon

⦁ To exit the Surface Harvesting Tutorial you proceed to follow the green path you originally came in on back to the market teleport pad indicated by the waypoint placed in your UI, once again you activate the pad by raycasting (looking at) the element and hitting the "F" key


You are rewarded 20,000 Quanta and 5000 Talent points