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Pure Scandium is the refined version of the raw ore Kolbeckite. Pure Scandium is used to create parts for other Elements and to make Honeycomb. Pure Scandium cannot be made via the Nanocrafter only in the Refiner M industry unit.

Crafting via Ingredients Processing Time Batch Size, Product Byproducts
Refiner M 65L Kolbeckite 52 min 5 sec 45L Pure Scandium 7.5L Pure Oxygen
7.5L Pure Hydrogen
Used in
Icon Product Batch Size Crafted via Ingredients Processing time Byproducts
Light-metals.png Sc-Al Alloy 75L Smelter M 100L Pure Scandium
50L Pure Lithium
50L Pure Aluminium
1L Catalyst 4
5 hr 13 min 1L Catalyst 4
Scrap-t4.png Scandium Scrap 50L Recycler M 50L Pure Scandium 3 min 48 sec
Honeycomb 10L Honeycomb Refinery 100L Pure Scandium 30 sec