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The Rebirth Program was created in 2049 to analyze alternative methods of saving humanity, once it had been determined that Earth could not be saved. By 2084, huge amounts of funding and resources were given to the program once it became clear that the destruction of Earth was imminent. Each nation was required to contribute at least 20% of their resources to the project.

One of the issues on Earth during these times was a nihilist movement among much of the population (people who believed life was meaningless). The thinking of these people endangered humanities hope of survival, as any possible solution would require commitment, devotion, and hope; all characteristics lacking in the growing number of nihilists. Although measures were voted on to combat these movements, it remained a problem for the Rebirth Program all the way up to Earths destruction.


The Rebirth Program resulted in the construction of the Arkships, as well as many new technologies which would aid in humanities new life among the stars, including new propulsion technology. The Program was, according to its purpose, successful; by creating the Arkships humanity was saved, given another chance to create a new civilization among the stars.

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