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Example of Planetary Territory Tiles

Territory Control is the gameplay mechanic behind claiming, owning, and operating territories both on the surface of worlds, and in space. The mechanic revolves around a system of placeable Territory Control Units (TCUs) and the Rights & Duties Management System (RDMS) to enable players to claim an exclusive right to a territory, and to do with it as they please. The stated purpose of this system is to enable players to act out a system of geo-political conflict between individual players and organizations for the control of resources and prime real estate.

Planetary Territory Tiles[]

Planetary territory tiles, or simply tiles, are the basic unit of territory control within which a player or organization can place and maintain a Territory Control Unit in order to control that part of the surface. These tiles will be 1km (~1100 yards) wide hexagons, extending from 6km above the surface to the center of the planet. Tiles are visible on the minimap called by pressing F4 or M, and visible through the enhance HUD by pressing V[1].

It is notable that while the vast majority of tiles will be hexagons, due to the nature of a spherical shape, a few tiles will be pentagons in order to cover the entirety of a planet. Utilizing the RDMS, players and organizations will be able to give, lease, or allow other players and organizations access to tiles they own or operate.

Sanctuary Territory Units[]

Sanctuary Territory Units are a special type of territory unit that allows a player to claim a tile on the Starter Area - Alioth's 'Twin' Sanctuary Moon - These tiles and units are limited to 1 per player as of this time. A Sanctuary Territory Unit or "STU"" is the physical asset through which a player or organization can claim ownership of a tile. STUs can be placed anywhere there is a unclaimed tile on the Sanctuary Moon, they just have to be within the boundaries of the territory (see above for territory boundaries). The owner of the STU can share its rights (to dig or build[1]) with anyone they choose. The Sanctuary Moon is a guaranteed permanent safe area and as such the tile a player claims there is generally the first place a they will place their base construct to get started in Dual Universe.

Note: Players will be unable to pick up or move their Sanctuary Territory Unit, so careful consideration should be applied when placing them.

Territory Control Units[]


A Territory Control Unit is the physical asset through which a player or organization can claim ownership of a tile. TCUs can be placed anywhere within a neutral territory, even underground; they just have to be within the boundaries of the territory (see above for territory boundaries). The owner of the TCU can then share its rights (to dig or build[1]) with anyone they choose, notably those in control of the territories around them, if they don't own those territories already. This centralization aspect is intended to encourage the growth of nation-states where a central defensible capital can be established to maintain control over several tiles at once.

Note: Once deployed a player / Organization will need to wait 7 days before they can retrieve it. There is no current method for trading territories.


When a player deploys a Territory Control Unit, a fee will be required payable before actioning. These fees differ slightly, depending on whether the unit is being placed for a Player or an Organization. These costs can be seen in the table below:

PERSONAL <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -> ORGANIZATION
1 1 150,000ħ 150,000ħ
2 120,000ħ 120,000ħ 2 120,000ħ 620,000ħ
3 480,000ħ 600,000ħ 3 480,000ħ 1,100,000ħ
4 1,080,000ħ 1,680,000ħ 4 1,080,000ħ 2,180,000ħ
5 1,920,000ħ 3,600,000ħ 5 1,920,000ħ 4,100,000ħ
6 3,000,000ħ 6,600,000ħ 6 3,000,000ħ 7,100,000ħ
7 4,320,000ħ 10,920,000ħ 7 4,320,000ħ 11,420,000ħ
8 5,880,000ħ 16,800,000ħ 8 5,880,000ħ 17,300,000ħ
9 7,680,000ħ 24,480,000ħ 9 7,680,000ħ 24,980,000ħ
10 9,720,000ħ 34,200,000ħ 10 9,720,000ħ 34,700,000ħ
11 12,000,000ħ 46,200,000ħ 11 12,000,000ħ 46,700,000
12 14,520,000ħ 60,720,000ħ 12 14,520,000ħ 61,220,000ħ
13 17,280,000ħ 78,000,000ħ 13 17,280,000ħ 78,500,000ħ
14 20,280,000 98,280,000ħ 14 20,280,000 98,780,000ħ
15 23,520,000ħ 121,800,000ħ 15 23,520,000ħ 122,300,000ħ
16 27,000,000ħ 148,800,000ħ 16 27,000,000ħ 149,300,000ħ
17 30,720,000ħ 179,520,000ħ 17 30,720,000ħ 180,020,000ħ
18 34,680,000ħ 214,200,000ħ 18 34,680,000ħ 214,700,000ħ
19 38,880,000ħ 253,080,000ħ 19 38,880,000ħ 253,580,000ħ
20 43,320,000ħ 296,400,000ħ 20 43,320,000ħ 296,900,000ħ
21 48,000,000ħ 344,400,000ħ 21 48,000,000ħ 344,900,000ħ
22 52,920,000ħ 397,320,000ħ 22 52,920,000ħ 397,820,000ħ
23 58,080,000ħ 455,400,000ħ 23 58,080,000ħ 455,900,000ħ
24 63,480,000ħ 518,880,000ħ 24 63,480,000ħ 519,380,000ħ
25 69,120,000ħ 588,000,000ħ 25 69,120,000ħ 588,500,000ħ
26 75,000,000ħ 663,000,000ħ 26 75,000,000ħ 663,500,000ħ
27 81,120,000ħ 744,120,000ħ 27 81,120,000ħ 744,620,000ħ
28 87,480,000ħ 831,600,000ħ 28 87,480,000ħ 832,100,000ħ
29 94,080,000ħ 925,680,000ħ 29 94,080,000ħ 926,180,000ħ
30 100,920,000ħ 1,026,600,000ħ 30 100,920,000ħ 1,027,100,000ħ
31 108,000,000ħ 1,134,600,000ħ 31 108,000,000ħ 1,135,100,000ħ
32 115,320,000ħ 1,249,920,000ħ 32 115,320,000ħ 1,250,420,000ħ
33 122,880,000ħ 1,372,800,000ħ 33 122,880,000ħ 1,373,300,000ħ
34 130,680,000ħ 1,503,480,000ħ 34 130,680,000ħ 1,503,980,000ħ
35 138,720,000ħ 1,642,200,000ħ 35 138,720,000ħ 1,642,700,000ħ
36 147,000,000ħ 1,789,200,000ħ 36 147,000,000ħ 1,789,700,000ħ
37 155,520,000ħ 1,944,720,000ħ 37 155,520,000ħ 1,945,220,000ħ
38 164,280,000ħ 2,109,000,000ħ 38 164,280,000ħ 2,109,500,000ħ
39 173,280,000ħ 2,282,280,000ħ 39 173,280,000ħ 2,282,780,000ħ
40 182,520,000ħ 2,464,800,000ħ 40 182,520,000ħ 2,465,300,000ħ


Territory Control Dev Blog

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