Dual Universe Wiki

The Virtual Scaffolding Projector allows a player to project the hologram of a .obj file into the space around their constructs which can aid them in building.

Right-clicking on the Virtual Scaffolding Projector will allow the player to specify the filename, position scale and rotation of the image to be projected.

Place .obj files to be used into the C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\NQ\DualUniverse\holograms directory. The "holograms" directory does not exist by default and will have to be created. Right-click on the Virtual Scaffolding Projector in game to specify the filename. Type in the name of the .obj file. Including the ".obj" file extension is not required but also shouldn't cause an issue.

The default position of a projection is relative to the core unit's original position within the build grid(0,0,0), not the projector and not the core unit if it has been relocated relative to the build grid. The three numbers in the position relate to the X, Y and Z axis and default to (0.0000000,0.000000 and 0.0000000). The X axis basically equates to right/left. The Y axis is forward/backward. The Z axis is up/down.

The folders need to be placed into the Cache folder chosen during install. "C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents" is default. If you continually get the ".OBJ file reading failed" error message, you likely need to find the cache folder you selected at launch and place the ' \NQ\DualUniverse\holograms' directory there, along with any .OBJ files you wish to use.

As the element requires a local file to be present the functionality is not supported on GeForce Now.