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Weapons in Dual Universe

Weapons can be placed on any player Dynamic, Static or Space Construct. The use of weapons are limited to non Safe Zone areas, weapons will not fire within safe zones. As all static cores are currently deployed in safe zones, weapons on static cores are for aesthetics purposes and will not function. There are various types, sizes and tiers of weapons each having its own damage, rate of fire and reload times. See the Weapon Attribute Table to compare weapons.

Weapon Types

There are five weapon types; Railguns, Cannons, Lasers, Missiles and Stasis. In general Railguns are long range weapons, Lasers mid to long but general all-round damage type, Cannons are short range high damage, missiles are rapid fire short to mid range and stasis weapons affect targeted ships speed.

Weapon Ammunition

Each type of weapon takes a relevant type, size and tier of ammunition. See the Ammunition Attributes page for a comparison of each type

Weapon Systems

To fire weapons requires a Gunner Module that is the same size as the core that you are attaching it to, a Dynamic Core S will require a Gunner Module S. The weapon will also need an Ammo Container with enough capacity to store the ammunition. The Gunner Module will also need a radar to locate and lock onto a target. All weapons-fire is currently in space so a Space Radar will need to be linked to the gunner module. There are additional limitations on the capacity of the gunner module to attach weapons and radars that can be increased with skills. Gunner module limitations also mean that you can only attach weapons of the same size or lower onto the same gunner module and relative core size. The result is a Dynamic Core S will require weapon size S or smaller.

A typical weapon system will look similar to the below:


The number of hardpoints available with maximum skills per seat per weapon type is detailed below.

Weapon Maximum
Railgun 3
Laser 5
Missile 4
Cannon 6

The use of the weapons can be found in the section on Combat


Players are able to outfit their constructs (space ships, vehicles, and buildings) with the armaments of their choice, with each weapon type having its own damage, range, rate of fire, and energy requirements. Construct weapons also come in a variety of sizes, with each serving its own purpose on different sized ships. There are currently four kinds of construct weapons, these are Cannons, Lasers, Missile pods, and Railguns. Each Weapon Unit is limited to certain Ammunition types which deal different amounts of damage to different Material types.

Character Weapons

Although there are plans for character weapons for AvA combat there is currently no details on the roadmap.