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Weapons in Dual Universe[edit | edit source]

(Redirected from Weapon Units) Two Laser Weapon Units. The One on the Left is not firing while the one on the Right is firing

Weapons in Dual Universe come in two types: character and construct. Character weapons are those carried around by individual player avatars, and construct weapons are those mounted on player-made constructs.

Construct Weapons[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

Players are able to outfit their constructs (space ships, vehicles, and buildings) with the armaments of their choice, with each weapon type having its own damage, range, rate of fire, and energy requirements. Construct weapons also come in a variety of sizes, with each serving its own purpose on different sized ships. There are currently four kinds of construct weapons, these are Cannons, Lasers, Missile pods, and Railguns. Each Weapon Unit is limited to certain Ammunition types which deal different amounts of damage to different Material types.

Character Weapons (Not Yet Implemented)[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

Character weapons are simply carried in each player's inventory, and when equipped they allow players to engage in combat with other players and constructs. Unfortunately, we have very little information about the nature of character weapons, though their presence in the game has been confirmed as a future feature for Avatar VS Avatar and Avatar VS Construct combat.

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