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Planetary Wrecks

100 Large planetary wrecks were introduced in Beta r23.13 (Nov 2020) and some of these constructs are still available to salvage. Wrecks are buried underground and players can only salvage a limited volume of elements or honeycomb from them.

  • Every player has a salvaging budget/capacity per salvageable shipwreck, limiting how much stuff he/she can pick of a single wreck or ruin (400 liters by default)
  • This capacity is displayed when raycasting the salvageable construct in (salvaging) Build Mode
  • The exception: the first pick of an ELEMENT has NO restriction (for instance pick a single Engine XL). So choose wisely!
  • Wrecks have a salvaging zone around them that disables territory digging restrictions
  • The salvaging zone is removed once the shipwreck is totally looted (meaning completely emptied of voxels/elements and the core repaired and collected)

Teoma Unknown Wreck ::pos{0,8,17.9970,41.9869,537.5614} is still available for salvage as of June 2022

NQ have stated that some of these wrecks have still not been uncovered.

Alien Artefacts

During 2020 an Alien Artefact hunt of 53 unique sites throughout Helios gave players the opportunity to explore and solve a puzzle. The puzzle was originally designed to last a number of years but took only weeks to solve. All the details and locations can be found in the report by Kurock

Teoma Monolith ::pos{0,8,12.3790,105.6590,246.1156}

Teoma Monolith ::pos{0,8,12.3790,105.6590,246.1156}

Space Wrecks






Space wrecks were introduced in the Panacea update. Ships of varying size are located around planets starting at 4SU from the nearest planet. A full list of all the wrecks has yet to be recorded. Wrecks are appear on the the radar as abandoned with no owner and are on a 30 day abandoned timer until they respawn. There are five tiers of rarity, with lower-tier wrecks with low-value contents spawning at a higher frequency. The highest-tier wrecks will be harder to find; those who discover and harvest them will be rewarded with high-value materials and elements. Players can salvage any and all elements from space wrecks.

List of currently known wrecks
Name Core Min Dist Max Dist Frequency
Pigmy XS 4.1 SU 4.1 SU
Clydesdale XS 4.4 SU 4.4 SU
Stiletto XS 3.9 SU 5.1 SU High
Bullet XS 2.98 SU 6.5 SU High
Shiruken S 4 SU 8 SU
Drone XS 8.1 SU 8,1 SU Medium
Halea XS 3.0 SU 4.1 SU High
Hydra XS 2.98 SU 8.5 SU High

Frequency is based on

  • High: More than one wreck around each planet
  • Medium: One wreck around each planet
  • Low: One wreck around few planets
  • Rare: One wreck in system

If you find a wreck not listed above please add your entry to the table with corresponding screenshot.